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Due to pandemic production complications, we are not currently able to offer any vinyl products for CraftHuts. This includes tops, walls and awnings. We do not know when we will be able to make these products available again.

Poles and hardware for the CraftHut continue to be available.

StaBars for Craft Hut and Light-Dome

StaBars are lower horizontal bars that run along the sides and back of the tent frame and add extra stability to the canopy. StaBars are required for use of MeshPanel and SoftWall Display Systems

StaBar Kit for Craft Hut $ 135
StaBar Kit for LightDome $ 160
lightbar for other brands

Light Bars for Craft Hut and Light-Dome

Light Bars attach to the upper horizontal poles of the canopy to support lighting systems. Wall Heght Light Bars can be installed in either direction. For outdoor use inside the tent, the Above Wall Light Bar can only be installed from gable-end to gable-end

Wall Height Light Bar for Craft Hut Canopy $ 64
Wall Height Light Bar for Light-Dome Canopy $ 64
lightbar for other brands

Above Wall Light Bar for Craft Hut Canopy $90
lightbar for other brands