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The TrimLine Canopy

The TrimLine Canopy

Wall Height Light Bar

Wall Height Light Bars can be oriented from side-to-side or front-to-rear of the booth.

Wall Height Light Bar       $ 55

lightbar 2

TrimLine set-up option: Wall Height LightBar can be installed on the riser poles at the gable ends of the canopy.

Above Wall Light Bar

Use to raise lights up, keeping the display space clear. Standard riser length is 10", custom riser lengths from 6" available.

*For use in the TrimLine: Above Wall LightBars may only be installed from gable-end to gable-end.

Above Wall Light Bar       $ 92

indoor frame
indoor frame

Above Wall LightBars may also be set up on a diagonal angle on indoor booths

Track Light Brackets

Tracklight brackets can be bolted to the backs of most commercially available track light kits, providing a simple way to mount tracks on Wall Height or Above Wall Height LightBars. Bracket rings are sized to slide easily onto our standard pipe.

Tracklight Brackets       $ 9.50

track lighting

Swing Arm Lamp Brackets

Swing Arm Brackets are made to accept the stub at the bottom of most commercially available swingarm desk lamps. Brackets are available as in-line, sliding brackets may be used at any point along the upper bars of the booth frame.

*For use in a TrimLine Canopy, In-Line Brackets may be used at the gable ends of the canopy.

Swing Arm In-Line Brackets      $ 17

Swing Arm Lights