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Carry and Storage Bags

TrimLine Canopy Carry and Storage Bags

Bags for the roof and sidewalls

Protect the top, walls, and awning cloths of your TrimLine Canopy in transit, and protect your vehicle when you have to pack up a wet canopy.

Zippered Carry Bag

Zippered Carry Bags make packing and transporting your TrimLine Canopy neat and easy. Double carry straps are sized for over the shoulder or hand carrying. Bag measures 50" x 24", with full length zipper for easy loading.

A single bag is roomy enough to hold a 10x10 top and 4 sidewalls (total weight depending on canopy height - aprox. 50 to 60 pounds). For larger canopy sizes or to reduce the weight per bag, you may need two zippered carry bags.

*Assorted colors, please call for current choices

Zippered Carry Bag for top and walls

$ 85


Drawstring Carry Bags

White vinyl drawstring carry bags to contain the roof and walls of your TrimLine canopy. Long bag for top measures 48" x 24". Short bag for walls measures 34" x 26".

Carry Bag Set for 10 x 10

$ 64

Carry Bag Set for 10 x 15 or 10 x 20

$ 96

Single Long Bag for Canopy Top

$ 32

Single Short Bag for Sidewalls

$ 32


Pole Bags

Bags for carrying and storing the poles that make up the framework of the TrimLine Canopy and Indoor Booths feature full length zippers and handles for carrying. Pole bags measure 65" long.

*2 Pole Bags recommended for basic 10 x 10 TrimLine with no options (35# of poles in each bag). For larger sizes and canopies with optional framework such as Awnings or FrenchWalls, you may need 3 or more bags.

Mesh Pole Bags

Made of super tough polyester mesh with flat construction and carrying handles at the center and at both ends, they are easy for one or two people to carry. A single full length zipper allows loading of frame poles.

Mesh Pole Bag, 65" long $ 59

pole bag white pole bag white

Vinyl Pole Bags

Vinyl pole bags keep your vehicle clean and dry after a rainy show. With two full length zippers and box-end construction, loading is convenient and easy. Handles at the center and both ends make it easy to transport alone or with help.

13 oz vinyl; assorted colors, call for current choices

Vinyl Pole Bag, 65" long $ 155


Hardware Bag

Heavy-duty canvas bag designed for masons' tools, this bag features a stay-open top with metal rim for easy loading and comfortable handles for carrying. All parts for basic TrimLine models will fit; for 10x15 and 10x20 canopies with optional equipment, two bags may be neccessary

Hardware Bag                   $ 64


MeshPanel Carry Bag

Heavy duty vinyl protects your MeshPanel Display Walls in transit. With two full length zippers for easy loading and double carrying handles at the center. *Do not store poles with MeshPanels.

Included with full set of 3 or more panels $ 0
With orders of 2 full width panels $ 63
Ordered separately or with 1 panel $ 90