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TrimLine Canopy Anchoring Systems


Designed to anchor your canopy on hard surfaces, GreatWeights are constructed of heavy duty vinyl and feature adjustable buckle-straps for attaching to the legs or StaBars of the canopy. Each GreatWeight holds up to 40 pounds of sand or pea gravel.

Single GreatWeight $ 32
Set of 4 GreatWeights $ 128
Set of 6 GreatWeights $ 192
1030 awning

Tie-Down Screws

Tie-down screws are the best way to anchor your canopy on grass or ground. Two tie-down screws are included
with each 10x10 TrimLine (four included with a 10x20).

Tie-down screw       $ 4 each

1030 awning

10" Steel Tent Spikes

Another option for anchoring into the ground, a pair of Steel Spikes can be placed though the canopy feet at opposing angles to create a strong anchor. Four spikes are included with a 10x10 TrimLine, six with 10X20 TrimLines.

Steel Tent Spikes       $ 0.95 each

1030 awning